Bungee Jump

Starting at the Batoka gorges, just 3km from the Falls, guests can abseil, swing and zipline their way through to the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge – where the real adrenaline kicks in. The bridge offers 111 metres of pure adrenaline and marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, making it one of the most unique bungee jumps in the world, literally diving from one country to the other.

The bridge adventure base also offers ziplining and a tandem gorge swing. Batoka gorge activities are available for those as young as 7 years old whereas bridge activities suit 14 years+ with the exception of ziplining where the minimum age is 6.

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Bungee Jump Locations


Lower Zambezi is still relatively undeveloped, with it’s beauty lying in its wilderness state. The diversity of animals is not as wide as the other big parks, but the opportunities to get close to game, wandering in and out of the Zambezi channels are spectacular.

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