Zambia is home to some of the most wild and beautiful birding destinations, with a staggering 779 different bird species. In the Luangwa Valley alone, 450 species reside making it a great African destination for twitchers. You can discover a variety of African favourites throughout Zambia,  the African pitta, Carmine Bee Eater and the famous Shoebill stork. Most lodges in the Lower Zambezi have expert guides who are not only skilled bird spotters, but who also offer accompanied walks or drives through the bush, so have your binoculars and zoom lenses at the ready!

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Birding Locations

Kafue National Park

Found in the centre of western Zambia, Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks. It covers a massive 22,400 km2.

Liuwa Plain

The remote Liuwa National Park lies along the Zambezi flood plain in western Zambia and covers an area of 3,600 square kilometres of remote, wildlife-rich wilderness.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi is still relatively undeveloped, with it’s beauty lying in its wilderness state. The diversity of animals is not as wide as the other big parks, but the opportunities to get close to game, wandering in and out of the Zambezi channels are spectacular.

North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa spans a total of 4636 square kilometres, offering one of the best wilderness experiences in Zambia.

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa has been dubbed by experts as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and with good reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa.

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Game Drives

A game drive is often the easiest, most convenient way cover a lot of ground and see as much of Zambia’s incredible wildlife as possible.


A canoeing trip down some of the quieter stretches of the Upper Zambezi is among the more relaxing ways to enjoy the Zambian safari experience.

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