Annual Report

2017 - 2018

This yearly report is split into three sections which covers the areas of marketing we run for the ZMG.


Media & PR


We had recognised that Zambia was not receiving the level of UK media coverage that its wildlife and tourism so richly deserved. Zambia was trailing the likes of Botswana, Malawi and Rwanda. So as a key opportunity to talk to consumers, increasing editorial coverage for Zambia was a key objective.

But it is worth noting that it can often take over 12 months from speaking to a journalist to actually seeing their work in print. First we have to enthuse the writer. They then have to convince their editors that the story is worthy of a commission. Then the journalist has to have an available slot in their timetable to travel before we then try to coordinate the travel (which can be impacted by the seasons and availability of accommodation etc). Then they have to travel and write their article before submitting it for publication. Once approved by the editor, the magazine then has to timetable inclusion and publish the article). As we said, 12 months can be gone in a flash.

Despite this, we targeted 6 trips in the first 12 months, with 5 scheduled. We aimed to cover 12 titles and we will achieve 10 (or 80 if we include the potential 70 regional titles!). But perhaps more importantly, we appear to have whetted the appetite of the media towards Zambia and we look forward to even more coverage in the coming months.


We set a target of generating $600,000 in the first year, ie coverage actually appearing during that period despite the timing challenges as outlined above. Pleasingly, the Zambia Marketing group initiative has delivered $1,600,000 in year one. £1,166,775 since May 2017.

Do note that in some cases, we convinced editors to bring forward planned coverage, as well as run additional feats on the back of advertising spend (especially the case with Travel Africa).

Below are some notable examples of key coverage that ZMG can claim as a direct outcome of our PR efforts:


Media Trips

ZMG’s PR team have successfully co-ordinated 3 media trips so far with another 5 in the pipeline during 2018. The timing of the launch of ZMG, was mid-way through the media cycle and the main season in Zambia. So whilst we would have liked to generate editorial coverage immediately, we have seen that in some cases we have had to plan more long term.

Completed Trips

James Clark visited South Luangwa in October for articles which will be published in May. James has also been in conversation with the new editor for ProFlight Magazine for their May issue.

Emma Gregg visited South Luangwa in October 2017, with the articles scheduled to be published later this year. The National Geographic Traveller article will be a full length feature on South Luangwa as a safari destination.

Editor, Laura Griffith-Jones extended her trip to Zambia to visit the Lower Zambezi in October. This featured in January edition of the magazine.

Future Trips

Sarah Marshall, from the Press Association will be in South Luangwa in May for 50+ regional newspapers

Tamara Hinson will write for the ‘Daily Mail’ following a visit to Kafue 20th-28th June

Mike Unwin is visiting Kafue in September for ‘The Sun’, ‘Travel Africa’ and others titles tbc.

Sue Watt will visit South Luangwa in September 2018 for ‘The Independent’ and ‘Daily Telegraph’

Caoilfhionn Maguire will do a 10-page article for this increasingly influential lifestyle magazine, visiting Lower Zambezi & Livingstone in October.

From the four freelancers, we will also be expecting them to place additional stories and features in other magazines (after all, thats how they make their money!) And at IMM (below), we inspired many more journalists to visit Zambia.

Press Releases

ZMG’s PR team distribute press releases at key moments through the use of email marketing, individual personal emails, media events and via industry distribution channels to our targeted media contacts. They are distributed at a minimum rate of 1 per month to our own database of 510 journalists, freelancers and news desks.

Below are all listed press releases sent out to date:

Out of Africa… Into the UK >>>
The launch of ZMG to the UK

Lower Zambezi National Park: Carbon Neutral >>>
With thanks to the BioCarbon and the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project, Lower Zambezi National Park has become the world’s first national park to achieve a carbon neutral status…

Romantic Visit to Victoria Falls for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle >>>
We know Prince Harry has a love for Africa but rumour has it that he and his beau Meghan Markle may have got engaged following a recent romantic trip to Victoria Falls, Zambia…

Yoga on the Zambezi >>>
Imagine starting your day with a morning meditation session and a sunrise yoga class held on a beautiful riverfront deck hugging the Zambezi River surrounded by the sound of moving water and singing birds. On The River Club yoga retreat, this is exactly how every morning begins…

Balloon Safari >>>
Kafue ballooning has it all and the best thing about it is the remoteness; not only are you the only balloon in the air, but the only vehicle you will spot below is the ground crew heading to meet you with a bottle of bubbly as you come in to land…

Captivating Kafue >>>
To many, Kafue National Park’s key attraction is its exclusivity combined with excellent game viewing. As you explore, it truly feels like you have the national park and all its hidden wonders, to yourself…

Green Season Appeal >>>
It’s that time of year again; the heavens open and the much awaited rain descends on Zambia, transforming the once dry plains into an oasis of lush green vegetation, and for many, now is the time to visit…

The Leopard Magnet >>>
South Luangwa is dubbed the valley of the leopard, so therefore one of the best places to see them. But, naturally elusive and solitary creatures, the right guide definitely increases your chances…

SLNP Sustainable >>>
The unique status of “Sustainable Wildlife Park” has been bestowed upon South Luangwa NP by Dr. Taleb Rifai – the Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation UNWTO…

Yoga on the Kafue >>>
Recharge your body and soul at KaingU Safari Lodge’s Yoga Retreat. Start your day with sunrise yoga held on KaingU’s dedicated yoga island and finish the day watching the sun set over the Kafue on Mpamba Rock…

Everyone Falls for Victoria Falls >>>
Valentines Day release. We know Prince Harry has a love for Africa but was a romantic trip to Victoria Falls, Zambia what sealed the deal for him and Meghan?.. 

Bushcamp Season >>>
Luxury Meets Reality: An insight into the efforts camps go to keep your African dream alive…

Safari feel in Livingstone >>>
Livingstone is known as the base for global travellers wanting to explore one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Livingstone has numerous accommodation options, but for those still wanting to get their ‘safari’ fix close to the falls, Islands of Siankaba, Toka Leya Camp and Waterberry Zambezi Lodge all offer their own twist…

Family Safaris in Zambia (May 2018)
The Busanga Plains – 10 years of wildlife (June 2018)

Media Events

ZMG’S PR team have attended and hosted important media events on behalf of Zambia, enabling them to meet and network with key journalists and influencers in a professional environment.

London Walking Safari (A Kamageo Event)

ZMG’S PR team took 6 UK journalists on London’s version of a legendary walking safari back in August 2017. With a series of press trips to Zambia beginning in October on behalf of Zambia Marketing Group, Kamageo was keen to whet the appetite of leading journalists for a visit to the most authentic of safari destinations.

Attendees: Sue Watt, Emma Gregg, Jo Austin, Ben West, Sarah Marshall and Lynn Hughes.


– At 1500hrs the journalists met their guide (Kamageo’s Tim Henshall) at St John’s Wood and headed straight to find Zebra as their guide was aware of a famous one nearby…

– Next it was off in search for a pride of lions, where the journalists’ guide explained why Zambia is famous for walking safaris.

– After crossing London’s answer to the Zambezi (The Thames) whilst finding out more on canoeing safaris, the walking group came across a particularly relaxed Giraffe and it was here they stopped off for a sumptuous bush dinner including Pumba Ribs, Bush Burger, Kafue Curry and (Passion) Fruit Bat Cheesecake.

– Of course, Zambia is prolific for leopards and a safari in Zambia would not be complete without a sighting but luckily their guide Tim knew just where to find them – The Leopard Bar.

– Due to the inclement weather, the journalists also experienced the spray from Victoria Falls (well, Victoria Embankment) and knew how the Emerald Season feels as the sun broke through. With all participants committing to visiting Zambia within the next few months to produce all-important editorial, the day was deemed a great success.

​WTM London (PR)

Back in November 2017, the PR team attended WTM London where they secured themselves 9 meetings with key journalists. Below is a review of each appointment:

Emma Gregg – National Geographic Traveller & Travel Africa
Media Trip feedback – Loved Three Rivers and the private tree house deck. Also loved Thornicroft

Amanda Statham – Cosmopolitan, Weddings Magazine and Family Traveller
Potential wedding/honeymoon led piece for South Luangwa

Sarah Freeman – Freelance & Emirates inflight
Interested in the conservation angle CSL, spend a few days with them and anti-poaching unit in Kafue

Sarah Marshall – Press Association
Hides in South Luangwa, carbon neutral and how tourists can get involved. Confirmed interest for a press trip in May on a general safari piece

Keith Drew – Rough Guides online
Very interested in the undiscovered Kafue National Park, anti-poaching lead piece. 

Mark Stratton – Guardian
Very interested in a Kafue trip in May next year and we have followed up with further information for him to pitch out to newspapers and magazines

Sheena Harvey – BBC Wildlife
Interested in a species driven article on Aardvarks at Konkamoya Lodge

Mike Unwin
Interested in Kafue and the Nanzila Plains

IMM (International Media Marketplace)

In March 2018, the PR team attended IMM in London, the industry’s leading platform for travel and tourism brands to meet with the media. It’s a common place for journalists to plan their entire year’s editorial trips and in a single-day networking and relationship building our team gained appointments with 26 journalists. They were able to ‘plant the seed’ in journalists minds regarding Zambia and as a result were able to add to their existing database of journalists keen to write about the destination in 2018/2019. We confidently predict a further 5-6 journalist trips as a result.

Below is a review of some key appointments:

Teresa Cole – Freelance, FT, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Conde Nast Traveller
Interested in uber luxury and wants to know more about Wilderness’ lodges in Zambia.

Nicola Brady – Freelance, Guardian and Independent (Irish + UK)
Wants to know more about bush camps in Zambia for a possible feature/trip

Miranda McMinn – Deputy Editor, Woman & Home
Would like to arrange a family trip for the editor, Kath Brown, with a focus on safaris and wildlife. Staying at lodges that really cater for children and exploring more adventurous family holidays.

Jon Hawkins – Editor, Escapism & Foodism
Focus on unique accommodation and round-up content – would look to send over snippets of information. Sent over more information on Lower Zambezi’s Carbon Neutral status.

Paul Bloomfield – Freelance, Telegraph, Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife
13 years ago he stayed at Chiawa and Sausage tree so would like to pursue another trip for a “then and now” based article.

Karen Beddow – Blogger
Karen has a really popular family travel blog called Mini Travellers. Her husband was brought up in Zambia but left when he was 8, so she’s really keen to head back to South Luangwa with her children next year who will then be 7 & 8. She also writes for Junior Magazine so would write about the piece there.

Stephanie Cavagnaro – Deputy Editor, National Geographic Traveller
Possible trip to Zambia in 2019 for a Zimbabwe and Zambia honeymoon feature.

Lily Niu – Digital Edtior, The Culture Trip
A lot of round ups and quirky lists – send these over with good imagery for easy coverage. Wanted to increase their Africa content as it gets a lot of engagement.

Sarah Baxter – Freelance writes for Wanderlust and The Metro
Would like to do a Kafue trip to focus on an off-the beaten track piece, however Lower Zambezi may has more appeal to the papers and their readership.

The PR team will be following up on all of these “leads” and will keep you updated. What is apparent, is that we have re-awakened a real appetite for Zambia within the media.

Consumer Marketing


Whilst don’t have a big communications budget, we did aim to grab the attention of the travelling public and increase their desire to visit Zambia. This required us to be as creative as possible – through PR, stunts, consumer events and a small-scale print advertising campaign.

Scroll down to see the activities and results.

Publicity Stunts & Events


Launching at the UK’s biggest travel shows, ‘The Times Destinations Travel Show’, we displayed our one-of-a-kind 5m x 3m Victoria Falls 3D artwork alongside our 3m x 2m Zambia stand. With this years show attracting over 50,000 visitors, the artwork went down and storm and was easily the highlight of many visitors’ visit. Below are some of our favourite moments from the show:

ZMG ran a competition in partnership with the artwork to create more of a buzz around the initial launch as well as creating more of an incentive to engage with the artwork – the prize being the ultimate trip to Zambia, (a 10 day trip for 2 people incl. a visit to Victoria Falls). In order for participants to enter the competition, we were encouraging them to take a picture of themselves with the artwork and share their pictures on any of their social media accounts using #3DZambia. Throughout the course of the Destinations show promotion period*, (*4 show days + 7 days prior to show + 1 day post show), we collated these statistics through our social platforms:

#3DZambia was used 76 times
The total number of likes for posts using #3DZambia was 3,069
The top post using #3DZambia by @captainergun received 1,190 likes

#3DZambia was used 64 times
Total number of likes for posts using #3DZambia was 284
The top post using #3DZambia by @liveonshoestring received 19 likes

#3DZambia was used 15 times


7 days prior to the show starting, we released a time-lapse video of the 3D artwork on Zambia’s social media channels and through press releases and photo calls. The time-lapse video, on Facebook alone, reached 204,801 people and the video was watched 86,801 times, receiving over 1,300 reactions (likes, comments & shares), over the course of the Destinations Show promotion period. On YouTube it received over 500 views.

Since then the video post on Facebook is still performing with a reach of 205,371, 87,365 views and 1379 likes, comments and shares.



Those who didn’t want to have their picture taken with the artwork were able to enter their details on our website to enter. During the Destinations show promotion period, we had 152 unique entries which all count towards new contacts for our consumer database, fitting our target market. In response to this, we had 509% more visitors to our website during this period and 545% more unique visitors, 99% of them residing in the UK.

The competition ran on our website homepage and is being shared online therefore we are still getting a significant amount of traffic to the website and have since received over 2000 additional entries/contacts for our consumer database. Full website analytics will be featured further down the page.


During the Destinations show promotion period, the travel show itself featured the #3DZambia attraction on their website news page so it was uncommon for visitors to approach us already having knowledge. We are awaiting stats from Destinations on page views.

We will continue to run the competition through till October 2018 in order to enhance the exposure of our 3D artwork and ultimately the exposure of Zambia as a travellers destination.

Zambia Tourism UK Stand and Show Review

The stand was consistently busy with visitors asking ‘when’ rather than ‘why’ should they visit Zambia. Over 4000 copies of a Zambia destination guide, (featuring all ZMG members), were taken away.

Social Media

Having no initial support from ZTA, it left us no choice but to start our social media accounts from scratch therefore we developed three main social media accounts under the handle @ZambiaTourismUK.

Our strategy consisted of initially sharing member and tourists posts to populate our channels with good quality content and essentially build up our following and soon our channels started to build momentum. This is still an continuous process in order to involve partners and followers as well as receive some engagement in response.

We developed our first hashtag, #EveryoneFallsForZambia, which we have used throughout all our communications on all platforms and have encouraged others to do so when sharing Zambia content. Every PR or consumer stunt or event we implemented has also played a significant part in our social media campaigns (see above).

Facebook has proven to be the most successful platform, possibly because of its more engaging users being more suited to our ideal target market. Instagram followers closely behind and has grown quicker than expected possibly because of the high quality content and imagery being shared as well as being an extremely popular platform for photography and wildlife lovers. Twitter is often a more gradual progress with gaining followers and engagement due to its newsy nature and text driven content.


New Page Likes: 692
Impressions: 372,000
Engagements: 18,389
Video Views: 28,116
New Page Likes: 283
Impressions: 280,672
Engagements: 17,640
Video Views: 12,374
New Page Likes: 1,308
Impressions: 568,365
Engagements: 28,711
Video Views: 102,738
New Page Likes: 2,007
Impressions: 794,961
Engagements: 77,512
Video Views: 229,791
New Page Likes: 4,290
Impressions: 2,015,998
Engagements: 142,252
Video Views: 373,019

New Page LikesThe number of new people who have liked our Page.
ImpressionsThe number of times any content from our Page or about our Page entered a person’s screen.
EngagementsThe number of people who engaged with our Page.
Video ViewsTotal number of times videos have been viewed for more than 3 seconds.



New Followers: 73
Impressions: 41,900
Engagements: 249

New Followers: 48
Impressions: 32,100
Engagements: 463

New Followers: 103
Impressions: 52,100
Engagements: 536

New Followers: 99
Impressions: 79,900
Engagements: 3,455

New Followers: 323
Impressions: 206,000
Engagements: 4,703

New followersNumber of new people who follow us on Twitter.
ImpressionsNumber of times users saw the Tweet on Twitter.
EngagementsTotal number of times a user has engaged with a tweet.



New Followers: 73
#EveryoneFallsForZambia: 48

New Followers: 145
#EveryoneFallsForZambia: 91

New Followers: 218
#EveryoneFallsForZambia: 123

New Followers: 554
#EveryoneFallsForZambia: 191

New Followers: 990
#EveryoneFallsForZambia: 453

New followersNumber of new people who follow us on Instagram.
#EveryoneFallsForZambiaNumber of people who have used the hashtag on Instagram.

Print Advertising

With a significantly small budget, we developed three eye-catching print advertising artworks all with different messages which we allocated strategically to a small and select set of publications which suit our target market and have a more precise yet still large readership. As well as to increase awareness of Zambia as a destination and catch our consumers eye, we also chose to advertise in these publications to encourage increased editorial coverage for Zambia within these chosen titles

The style of the adverts adopt our campaign branding with a torn-edge, informal, scrapbook look giving the feel of looking into a travellers personal travel journal where they have wrote down what they love about Zambia. The quotes have more meaning as they have been taken from the words of key travel experts within the Africa tourism industry, to promote a more authentic perspective.

Below are the three different artworks and their individual selling points/messages:

Here shows the advertising space allocated throughout the course of the year. The three publications we chose to advertise in were Travel Africa, National Geographic Traveller and The Guardian Travel Guide:


Edition 79 | July – September 2017 | Prime Leopard Sightings | A4 Full Page Ad
Edition 80 | October – December 2017 | Home of the Walking Safari | A4 Full Page Ad
Edition 81 | January – March 2017 | Traditional Safari Destination | A4 Full Page Ad


Issue 61 | December 2017 | Prime Leopard Sightings | A4 Full Page Ad
Issue 63 | March 2018 | Home of the Walking Safari | A4 Full Page Ad


April 2018 | Prime Leopard Sightings | A4 Full Page Ad


September 2017 | Prime Leopard Sightings | A4 Half Page Ad (landscape)

Consumer Newsletters

In November 2017 we started our consumer emailer campaign.  On a monthly (sometimes 1-2 newsletters a month) basis we have been sending newsletters to our database of contacts relevant to Africa travel. The initial database consisted of over 8,000 contacts. Since then we have collated over 2,000 more precise and targeted contacts more relevant to Zambia’s market in the UK, in which we hope to grow to a similar number and in turn banish the more generic contacts list.

Below are a list of consumer newsletters sent to date:

Why go to Zambia? >>>
Zambia is a destination rich with authentic experiences and offers a sense of raw Africa. It’s known for its premier safari locations and prime game viewing, it’s own addition to the Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls and its high quality hospitality, but there’s even more to Zambia than that…

Fall for the Emerald Season >>>
It’s that time of year again; the heavens open and the much awaited rain descends on Zambia, transforming the once dry plains into an oasis of lush green vegetation, and for many, now is the time to visit. 

Zambia leads the way for Sustainable Tourism into 2018 >>>
2017 was the year of ‘world firsts’ for Zambia as two of its highly praised National Parks claimed prestigious titles regarding sustainability.

Everyone falls for Victoria Falls (Valentines Newsletter) >>>
We know Prince Harry has a love for Africa but was a romantic trip to Victoria Falls, Zambia what sealed the deal for him and Meghan? 

Thank you (post Destinations competition) >>>
Thank you for entering our competition for a chance to win a 10 day trip for 2 to Zambia. We hope you get the chance to see the famous Victoria Falls for yourself!

Contrasting Kafue >>>
For the safari connoisseur, Kafue National Park offers a traditional raw African safari experience of true exclusivity combined with excellent game viewing.

Family Friendly Safaris in Zambia >>>
Zambia, one of southern Africa’s most rewarding and least travelled safari destinations, is often referred to as the ‘connoisseur’s’ destination as it’s very suited for the experienced safari-goer and for those seeking somewhere a little more adventurous and ‘off-the-beaten-track’.

Proflight’s Portfolio of Extraordinary Guests >>>
Zambia’s leading domestic and regional airline, Proflight Zambia, has recently helped rescue an orphaned baby elephant.

A Safari feel in Livingstone >>>
Livingstone is known as the base for global travellers wanting to explore one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Livingstone has numerous accommodation options, but for those still wanting to get their ‘safari’ fix close to the falls, Islands of SiankabaToka Leya Camp and Waterberry Zambezi Lodge all offer their own twist.

Canoe get closer to game? >>>
If game drives, walking safaris and hides aren’t enough of a draw to Africa’s most authentic safari destination, how about taking to the water to get close to Zambia’s exceptional wildlife? 

Website Analytics

Like the social media accounts, without the backing of ZTA from the beginning, we had to create our own website to be used in relation with our marketing activities such as social media and consumer events.

As we didn’t want it to be the official ‘tourism’ webpage, (ZTA does that very well), we wanted it to be another resource for those wanting to learn more about our partners in ZMG as well as information on upcoming events. It’s essentially an additional resource to back up ZMG communications, show a portfolio of our partners, news regarding our partners and to essentially host our campaign along with residing competitions. Quite often we would direct consumers to the official Zambia Tourism Agency website due to its extensive factual bank of Zambia knowledge, therefore it has never been a competing website. Hopefully with backing from ZTA in the future, we can assist them on improving their already successful website.

We made the website live in July. Below are basic analytics per quarter:

*users who have visited at least once

Zambia’s South Luangwa
Declared As ‘Worlds First
Sustainable Wildlife Park’

Total Page Views

The Bushcamp Company

Unique users: 6
Website visits: 10
Page views: N/A

Unique users: 650
Website visits: 750
Page views: 1373

Unique users: 520
Website visits: 685
Page views: 1532

Unique users: 2176
Website visits: 2322
Page views: 3439

2028 89.8% New Visitors 6359

UK contacts obtained
through website

10.2% Returning visitors

Total page views


Consumer Print Materials

Zambia Destination Guide & Limited Edition Zambia Bradt Guide

For use at consumer, (and trade), events we created a compact destination guide featuring all of our ZMG partners, brief introductions to top destinations and quick fire activities list. This was then replicated as an insert for the newest edition of the Zambia Bradt Guide, a well respected UK travel guidebook publisher. We have distributed over 4000 destination guides to potential tourists and have selectively distributed half of our Bradt Guides to tour operators and Safari Roadshow and very interested consumers at Destinations.

View the Destination Guide here

View the Zambia Bradt Guide Insert here

Trade Marketing


Whilst the ZMG programme was primarily to focus upon consumers, it was vital that we talked to the UK’s travel trade in order to unlock their marketing budgets – and encourage them to spend their budgets on Zambia rather than competitive destinations. 

This engagement essential came via three activities – regular emailers; inclusion in Safari magazine; and the Zambia dedicated sessions within the Safari Roadshow.

As a result, Zambia seems to be truly back “on the agenda” for many tour operators who seem enthused by the destination once more.

Trade Emailers

In November 2017 we started trade emailer campaigns.  On a monthly (sometimes 1-2 newsletters a month) basis we have been sending informative emailers to our already established and extensive trade database which consists of 400+ UK Africa specialists and tour operators.

Below are a list of trade emailers sent to date:

Conservation South Luangwa >>>
Rachael McRobb’s Tusk Award-winning work with Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) strives to ensure South Luangwa is securely protected with sustainable levels of wildlife and intact habitat under the custodianship of Zambian people.

South Luangwa – A World’s First >>>
Zambia’s South Luangwa has been declared as the world’s first sustainable wildlife park.

Fall for the Emerald Season >>>
It’s that time of year again; the heavens open and rain descends on Zambia, transforming the once dry plains into an oasis of lush green vegetation. The waters rise, the wildlife appears more distinctive than ever and the birding thrives. 

Zambia leads the way for Sustainable Tourism into 2018 >>>
2017 was the year of ‘world firsts’ for Zambia as two of its highly praised National Parks claimed prestigious titles regarding sustainability.

Zambia ranked as one of the safest country’s 2018 >>>
Be prepared for a rise in enquires for Zambia this year as it’s recently been labelled as one of the top 10 safest places to travel in the world.

Contrasting Kafue >>>
For the safari connoisseur, Kafue National Park offers a traditional raw African safari experience of true exclusivity combined with excellent game viewing. What’s more apparent however is the interchanging scenery one can experience throughout the national park, which some can argue is a diverse enough location for an entire safari.

Indaba & WTM partner attendee list >>>
With Zambia gaining more and more interest, it’s important to be up to speed with all that the country has to offer. Zambia Marketing Group is an exciting tourism initiative made up of more than 20 of Zambia’s key players and we aim to keep you updated.

Family friendly safaris >>>
Zambia, one of southern Africa’s most rewarding and least travelled safari destinations, is often referred to as the ‘connoisseur’s’ destination as it’s very suited for the experienced safari-goer and for those seeking somewhere a little more adventurous and ‘off-the-beaten-track’.

A real safari feel in Livingstone >>>
Livingstone is known as the base for global travellers wanting to explore one of the natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Livingstone has numerous accommodation options, but for those still wanting to get their ‘safari’ fix close to the falls, Islands of Siankaba, Toka Leya Camp andWaterberry Zambezi Lodge all offer their own twist.

A Taste of Zambia >>>
Edging away from a ‘traditional’ safari menu, these camps and lodges across Zambia all offer something unique.

Canoe get closer to game? >>>
If game drives, walking safaris and hides aren’t enough of a draw to Africa’s most authentic safari destination, how about taking to the water to get close to Zambia’s exceptional wildlife?

Safari Magazine

Kamageo produces ‘Safari’, the UK’s only trade publication that exclusively targets the UK’s Africa specialist tour operators. The 72 page magazine has vibrant editorial coverage highlighting the very best of our partners from new lodge developments to personal FAM trip reports. We’ve given ZMG 12-14 page supplement in all issues published during the ZMG term, (Editions 32, 33 & 34).

The publication has a print run of over 400 copies all distributed to significant names within the UK’s Africa specialist tour operators. *We also publish Safari on digital publisher ‘ISSUU’ where we can monitor the amount of exposure each edition gets online.

Edition 32 | 181 Reads & 1645 Impressions

Zambia Features:

– Introduction to ZMG & activities partaken so far
– Enthralling Three Rivers
– Play Hide & Peek with Shentons
– The Leopard Magnet
– Conservation South Luangwa
– Going the Extra Mile
– Tafika camp’s preparations
– All to Yourself – private safari houses and lodges
– The Mystery of KaingU’s Meyer’s Parrots
– Drift over the Kafue
– Chiawa’s Safari Suite: Just in time
– The Bushcamp Company’s ‘Did you know?’
– Experience True Zambia – Waterberry’s community efforts
– Renovations well underway at Lion Camp
– Zambia FAM trip 2018 ‘ad’


Edition 33 | 287 Reads & 1218 Impressions

Zambia Features:

– Zambia leads the way for Sustainable Tourism in 2018
– Making a snare bead – how hard can it be?
– Everyday dining that’s not so everyday
– See Luangwa from the air – photographic piece
– Three Rivers exceeds expectations
– Go Wild, Do Good
– First timers in Kafue & Livingstone – 4 page FAM trip report
– A real safari feel in Livingstone
– ‘Why I go back to Konkamoya’ – guest’s perspective piece
– Private settings that encapsulate true wilderness
– Proflight’s Portfolio of Extraordinary Guests
– Lion Camp Refurbishment Update
– LZNP celebrate Tusk Ranger award
– Proflight’s new domestic routes

Safari Roadshow

In February/March 2018, Kamageo hosted the ‘Safari Roadshow’. Running the week before ITB Berlin, it attracted 40 key UK travel trade professionals. The Kamageo team has been successfully running Africa travel trade roadshows across the UK for almost a decade. We know the UK trade intimately and our tried and tested formula for roadshows ensures that this was ‘bigger than ever’ series of events and a roaring success. After researching the views of UK tour operators, we launched three half-day events – one each for Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Each half-day session, consisted of 10 x 20-minute meetings with 10 leading tour operators on a round-robin basis. Across 4 days, the Zambian exhibitors met with 38 high quality Africa specialist tour operators. The Zambia exhibitor attendees included The Bushcamp Company, Shenton Safaris, Flatdogs Camp, Chiawa & Old Mondoro, Remote Africa, Wilderness Safaris, Norman Carr, Waterberry Zambezi Lodge & River Farmhouse and Lion Camp.

The hugely successful event will be running again in 2019, bookings are being taken, if you are interested in attending, please contact This is what our just a handful of our 2018 buyers had to say:

Some really lovely people and the product representation was very good quality and varied.”
Janine Bullen, Bailey Robinson

“Very well planned day and we met some very good exhibitors.”
Anthea Graham, Explorations Company

“Extremely useful and I learned a plenty of useful information to pass on to the team here and in South Africa. Your organisation was terrific and the timing perfect.”
Ian Russell, Cedarburg

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I certainly learnt new things which is the whole point of the show!”
Sarah Williams, Gane & Marshall

“I have learnt so much and made some fabulous contacts! Thanks for the amazing coordination.”
Abbey Simkiss, Visions of Africa

Buyers who attended over the four days

Africa & Beyond
Africa Bound Adventures
Africa Specialists
Africa Sky
African Luxury (Holland)
African Star
Ampersand Travel
Audley Travel
Bailey Robinson
Bespoke Travel
Cazenove & Loyd
Chandelle Travel
Distinctive Africa 

Expert Africa
Explorations Co.
Far & Wild Travel
Gane & Marshall
Go2 Tanzania
Goodacre & Townsend
Holiday Architects
Jetset Holidays
Kingfisher Safaris
Lateral Life
Migration Safaris
Original Travel
Red Savannah
Reef & Rainforest
Safari Drive

Safari In Style
Scott Dunn
Simply Safaris
The Safari Specialists
Theobald Barber Travel
Timeless Africa
Tribes Travel
Ubon Safaris
Ultimate Travel
Visions of Africa
Walks in Africa
Wild Foot
Wildlife Worldwide
Yellow Zebra




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